How to Find the Right Contractor
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How to Find the Right Contractor

Here are some suggestions when it comes to finding the right contractor to complete your home projects.

If you are in need of some repair work around the house or maybe you are thinking of adding an addition to your home. You are going to need an expert who can come to your home, listen to what you are planning to have done and come up with a remedy that will not only fulfill your needs but also give you a fair price, and be someone you can trust to perform quality work.

As i am a contractor myself, I know what it takes to sell my services. The main thing is trust. In this article I will explain how to find a contractor that will do the things you want done at your home correctly, safely, professionally and efficiently. When you decide to pull out the phonebook to find a contractor have a pen and paper ready to make a list of 10 -15 contractors. This list will consist of contractors who are: licensed, bonded and insured. Don't even consider calling one who doesn't advertise this. If a they are a reputable contractor they will be sure to include this in their ad. Once you have made this list of licensed, bonded and insured contractors it's time to start calling them. When you get them on the phone listen for enthusiasm, interest in helping you, and see when they can come to give you an estimate. If they sound like they're enthused and interested then they are possible candidates.

You want to make sure the person who is over the project and all other workers involved are people you can get along with and be comfortable with. Next, ask them when they could come to your home to give you an estimate and ask them to bring a list of references and photos when they come. This could take some time because it will be up to you to schedule arrival times for each contractor. If they tell you they can't come to your home for a long time from when you would like them to come then go ahead and scratch them off the list. Narrow your list down to those who can fit your schedule. Be somewhat cautious though. You don't want them to be too eager. This could mean they are out of work. Being out of work in the construction & remodeling business could be because they haven't had much experience.

When the contractors arrive at your home you can look for several things like appearance, the vehicle they drive, credentials, etc.. This will be where you can use your own best judgement. Punctuality is something to look for as well. This is the first sign of the trust relationship you simply must have when it comes to hiring a contractor. Mostly, this part will be up to you to make some decisions about who you feel comfortable with and trust. While these contractors are in your home talking with you keep a notebook with you so you can make little notes of your own and to help remember who you like. You also need to keep track of when they will be back in touch with you for their estimate/proposal. If the job is small then sometimes they can give you an on-the-spot price. If the project is big then they will need some time to get back with you. It shouldn't take longer than a week tops no matter what the job is. Whole houses can be figured in that amount of time.

When the time comes to get the quotes from these different contractors it's also time to see if they are going to want to mention an  "Owner/Contractor Agreement Contract" They might want to wait to see if you want to accept their bid first but now is a good time to ask if they haven't already. When a contract is used both the owner and the contractor can make revisions to suit them accordingly so that both parties will be comfortable. When the contract is signed this means it has become binding in a court of law should either party break it. It also means that you have successfully found the right contractor.

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