How To Get The Right Moving Quote
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How To Get The Right Moving Quote

Getting the best Moving Quote from a moving company is the most important aspect while shifting your residence. See to it that you get the best services from a reputed moving company instead of falling prey to some substandard company which may prove to be a fatal mistake.

It’s time to shift to your new home and the family is excited about it. The children are busy with their packing and the wife is busy called her friends to give the details. They go by their business. You are having one of the toughest time planning and scheduling your shifting strategies.

Shifting your residence to a far-off place needs planning and the most important aspect is to finalize a moving company. For this, there are certain factors which are to be taken into consideration:

  • The first task is to get a list of reputed moving companies that operate on daily basis. These can be found on the internet sites or from the friends who have just shifted or are shifting. Make a list of all the companies and study them on a detail basis.
  • While studying these transport moving companies, weightage should be put on professional experience and the reputation they have in the market. See to it that you shortlist 10-12 companies for a final list.
  • Once you have short listed these companies, give them a call and ask for their long distance moving quotes. Arrange for a meeting with them at your place.
  • After the quotes start coming, make a study of all the quotes and check out what these companies are offering. This is the most important part in the selection process. Carefully go through all the details of the quotes including the terms and conditions of the quotes. This is where most people get it wrong. They look at the prices submitted in the quotes and go for the cheapest quote. What happens is that they end up paying more than they bargained for. This is because the terms and conditions of the moving company are not written clearly in some cases. One ends up paying more on regional taxes, more for labor costs and also for packing charges.
  • Most substandard moving companies thrive on the precarious situation of the helpless customer and run him dry in such times.
  • On the other hand, a good moving company may also offer you some more incentives such as packing your goods in boxes and cartons or helping a customer with unpacking the goods.
  • Even after finalizing a quote, see to it that you have not left out any point accidentally which could cause huge amount of discomfort at the time of actual loading of goods.
  • Also, study the quotes carefully as some of them can be really handy as they may have a checklist of things to be done at the time of moving from your house e.g. changing of mobile numbers, closing bank accounts, getting rid of unwanted things, disconnecting the landline phones or cable/Internet connections etc. These are quite useful to the customer.
  • Another factor is that of insurance. See to it that the company you have chosen has put in the cargo insurance clause for shifting of articles. Insurance is very important point in moving of articles and it should be mentioned in the quotes.
  • Another point of notice is whether the company has a storage facility for storing your articles. A situation may arise when you are not able to find an immediate home due to some unseen circumstances. At this point, you are stranded in the middle of nowhere. Having a moving company which can provide you with temporary storage space would be the perfect solution for this problem.
  • Also clarify the payment terms with the moving companies. Most of these companies accept credit card payment, but some deal directly in cash. As such the mode of payment should be clarified at the time of finalizing the deal. This may avoid a tricky and embarrassing situation later on.
  • Get all the contracting details in writing from the contractor so as to avoid any conflict during the actual moving.
  • Always let the contractor or his representative have a person-to-person talk with you. Do not settle for a phone or internet assurance.
  • Another important fact is to see to it that the moving company has a valid interstate or inter-regional license for moving the goods. This may cause a lot of trouble if the documents are not clear.
  • The last thing before finalizing a moving company is to be assured that your new place is ready to invite its occupants on the scheduled day. Not having a ready possession of the new place at the time of moving may cause some serious problems and charges from moving companies may mount up due to the delay.
  • Discuss your needs with the moving company at the time of finalizing the contract. Discuss about the specific work that has to be done by the company. Let them know what ‘chores’ are to be done before moving out of the house e.g. dismantling a piano or draining a waterbed etc.
  • Lastly, don’t let the movers touch your valuable things before you have a written contract from them as then they would not be responsible for any damage caused to your articles.

So, when the time is ready for you to move to your next destination, take a look at the above points to finalize the right moving company. Always remember to get a reputable moving company which can offer you the best service. A few dollars more won’t matter if you can get the best of services.


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Impressive and informative work

Great job with great tips and information. Thanks for sharing.

Very informative..

Very timing article, we are planing to buy trailers for cargo movers in our ports next year. Thank you.